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Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is the art of healing with the pure energy of the angels.  It has been described  as one of the "next generation, hands-on, power energy therapy systems that gets the issues out of your tissues for good!"

In order to live life to the fullest, we need to ensure our life energy receives as many healthy and resourceful inputs as we can provide.  When our lives are affected by emotional or physical stresses, the flow of our life energy becomes restricted or blocked.  Depending on where in the energy  system that blockage lies and for how long, our organs and tissues  can be affected, leading to physical illness.

The principal objective of IET is to provide safe, gentle, yet powerful, support to release suppressed feelings, and the energy blockages they cause, from our cellular memory.  Releasing the blocks allows for self-healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).  IET uses divine angelic energy rays to work directly with one's 12-strand spiritual DNA to re-align and re-balance the body.  Once the energy field is clear the body becomes re-balanced, we find ourselves free of limitations to our good health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity.  IET can therefore be  a tremendously empowering experience. 

How is IET performed and how is it different from Reiki?

Reiki and IET are complementary to one another and are often used in combination.  Both are channeled energy therapies, both use simple, gentle hands-on technique.   Both acknowledge that the body does the healing after the blockages in the energy field are released.  A client may be seated or rest on a massage table, and remains fully-clothed for either session.  Both therapies require the Practitioner student to be attuned by a Master, this is:  having their energy fields expanded to accommodate the new vibration of energy being employed.

The primary difference between the two therapies is that the IET healing energy comes from the Angelic Realm.  A practitioner heartlinks with the healing angels to "download" the healing energy of IET.   This energy is of a different frequency than that used in Reiki.  Channeling this high vibration of energy, the Practitioner works to lift the blocks out through the layers of body's energy field and release them.  In almost every religion and culture angels have been recorded and are believed in.  The word Angel means “Messenger” as they are messengers for God/Creator/Spirit.  They are God’s gift to us to assist in protecting and guiding us on our journey. 

The intent of IET is emotional, mental, and karmic healing and it is an active therapy.  An IET Practitioner uses the angelic heartlink and pull-out release techniques at specific energy "power points" on the body to clear deep blockages.  These points are at areas in the energy anatomy which have been identified as storing specific suppressed emotions. 

As well, Advanced Level IET can be used to go beyond the clearing phase to assist one to work on their Soul's Purpose and adds techniques to help manifest our desires.  When we have cleared up the energy blockages holding us back, we can use our full creative resources to build the life, work, and relationships  that we want.

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